Stir Fried Bowl

Come with Rice or Cooked with Lo Mein
Select 4 veges and 1 Sauce From Below

Chicken (Stir Fried) 9.95
Tofu (Fried) (Stir Fried) 9.95
Roast Pork (Shredded) (Stir Fried) 9.95
Beef (Stir Fried) 10.55
Shrimp (Stir Fried) 11.55
Scallop (Stir Fried) 11.55


BroccoliWater Chestnut
Bok ChoyBamboo Shoots
OnionBell Pepper
Snow PeasCelery
Baby CornBean Sprout

Extra Veges $0.75 each


Tasty Bowl OriginalspicyGeneral Tso
Sweet & Sour SauceYummy Sauce
spicyMongolian BBQspicyOrange Sauce
spicySzechuanspicyCurry Sauce
spicySweet Garlic SauceWhite Sauce
spicyHunan SauceTeriyaki Sauce

Extra Sauce on the Side $0.75